Soups and Salads

Soup of the day € 4.00
Tuna salad with lettuce and fresh tomato
Lettuce, red onion, fresh tomato, coriander, cucumber and vinaigrette
€ 8.00
Greek Salad with black olives
Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green and red peppers, red onion, Feta cheese, oregano and vinaigrette
€ 8.50
Real Caesar salad
Romaine lettuce, chicken, bacon, croutons and Caesar sauce
€ 9.00


Chicken wheat wrap
Iceberg lettuce, bean sprouts, red pepper, red onion, chicken, coriander, yoghurt and curry sauce
6.50 €
Smoked salmon wheat wrap
Lettuce, rocket salad, pickled cucumber, bean sprouts, red onion and mustard sauce
7.50 €

In the Bread

Ham and cheese toast
Regional bread, butter, Edamer cheese and ham
€ 6.50
Tuna Sandwich
Tuna paste with mayonnaise, red onion and coriander, served in a wholemeal baguette with lettuce, tomato and chips
€ 6.50
Chicken sandwich
Chicken breast cooked in thin slices with mayonnaise, carrot, served in a baguette with lettuce, tomato and chips
€ 6.50
Toasted baguette with grilled bacon and Brie cheese
Rocket salad and pickled cucumber, sweet chilli, chips
€ 7.50
Club Real Sandwich
Sliced bread, lettuce, tomato, bacon, boiled egg, chicken, mayonnaise and french fries
€ 9.00
Prego Real
Grilled steak fillet on ciabatta bread, grilled bacon rashers, fried onions, pickled cucumber, melted Edamer cheese
€ 12.00


Beef Burger
At your choise: plain, with cheese or bacon, grilled on the bread with lettuce, onion, tomato and barbecue sauce
€ 12.00
Grilled salmon burguer with mustard sauce
In pesto regional Madeira bread with lettuce and fresh tomato
€ 12.00
Codfish burger with fried onion
In tomato regional Madeira bread with lettuce and fresh tomato
€ 12.00
Vegetarian Burger
On the bread with lettuce, fresh tomato, yoghurt and curry sauce
€ 12.00
Real Beef Burger
In olives and tomato foccacia bread with onions, roasted Portobello mushrooms, Edamer cheese and rocket salad
€ 13.00
* Burgers are served with french fries

Pastas and Pizzas

Pasta of the day:
With Napolitan sauce, Bolognese sauce or plain sauce
€ 11.00
Real Marina Pizza
Tomato, cheese, black olives, corn, traditional sausage, green pepper, red onion, mushrooms and oregano
€ 12.00


Clams simmered in olive oil, white wine, coriander and garlic € 12.00
Grilled fish of the day
Served with mixed salad and baked potatoes with skin
€ 19.00


Roasted chicken
Served with onion and tomato salad and french fries
€ 13.00
Grilled sirloin beef
Served with french fries and mixed salad
€ 19.00


Traditional rice pudding € 4.50
Two chocolate mousse € 4.50
Fruit salad € 4.50
Crepe with 1 ice-cream scoop and chantilly € 5.00
Cheesecake with chocolate sauce € 5.00
Apple pie with vanilla ice-cream € 5.00
White chocolate brownie with walnut and English sauce € 5.00

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