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Starters | Pa incetar

Couvert (per person)
Traditional Madeira bun with garlic butter and herbs, lupines and olives
€ 1,50
Classic nachos with hummus, guacamole and tomatoes € 6,50
Crispy baked onion rings with basil mayonnaise € 3,50
Breaded chicken breast sticks with BBQ sauce € 7,50
Potato-string wrapped shrimps with sweet chilli sauce € 10,00

Selection of assorted fritters
   Codfish cakes
   Shrimp pattie
   Local bread sausage balls
   Beef croquette

€ 6,00

Veal carpaccio with basil pesto, rocket salad and Parmesan cheese

€ 9,00

Salads | Pa feniscadinhos

Caesar salad € 9,00
Smoked salmon salad with mustard sauce € 8,00
Greek salad with black olives € 7,50

Burger of the month - March (From 1st to 31st)

Spring Burger

Veal burger on brioche bread with yoghurt and basil sauce, lettuce, tomato, crispy onion and grilled courgette with aioli sauce and potatoes with spices + 1 artisanal beer

€ 12,00

Burgers | Os Maldeçoades

Meat Burgers 150gr | Empanzinades


Chicken burger with cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, fried onion, sweet chilli sauce in a Traditional "Madeira" bun of pesto and potato wedges with spices

€ 8,50

Beef burger with oyster mushrooms, bacon, Brie cheese, egg, rocket salad, purple onion, mustard souce in rustic bread with potato wedges

€ 11,00

Beef burger, choose from:
plain or with cheese, or with grilled bacon, BBQ sauce, lettuce, sliced tomato and onion in brioche bread with french fries

€ 8,00

Chef's veal burger with Chèvre au gratin, fried onion rings, lettuce strips, fresh tomato and mayonnaise in traditional "Madeira" bun with french fries

€ 10,00

Veggie Burger | Ma que jête?


Breaded chickpeas burger, tofu, roasted vegetables, lettuce, fresh tomato, cucumber, yoghurt sauce in sesame with sweet potato chips

€ 8,50

Fish Burgers 150gr | Pêxe


Salmon burger with cheese cream, tomato, lettuce and fresh cucumber in sepia brioche with sweet potato chips

€ 11,00

Codfish burger with sautéed turnip tops, crispy baked onion rings in dried sun tomato focaccia with sweet potato chips

€ 8,00 

Special Burgers | Alvoriades


4 Mini burgers slider in traditional "Madeira" bun and brioche bread (vegetarian, beef, chicken and salmon) with sweet potato chips and aioli sauce

€ 14,00

Beef burger with sautéed shrimp, bacon, Cheddar, lettuce, tomato and BBQ sauce in traditional "Madeira" bun and potato wedges with spices

€ 15,00 
Na Dô Comide

XXL 200gr. beef burger, mushrooms, fried egg, toasted bacon, Cheddar, fried onion rings, variety of lettuces and tomato in focaccia bread with french fries

€ 14,00 
Tem Avonde

Beef burger with foie gras, Portobello mushrooms, tomato and rocket salad in focaccia bun and potatoes wedges with spices

€ 14,00


French fries € 2,50
Edamer cheese, ham, bacon, fried egg and fried onion € 1,50 
   BBQ sauce, aioli sauce, basil mayonnaise
€ 0,50 

Risottos | Risotos Marafades

Mushrooms and hazelnut risotto € 11,00
Shrimp and scallop risotto € 15,00
Fish stew risotto € 13,00

For Kids | Pa moces pequenes

Beef burger with lettuce and tomato in sesame bun with french fries € 6,00
Chicken burger with lettuce and tomato in sesame bun with french fries € 5,00

Desserts | Embeiçades

Apple pie with cream ice cream scoop € 4,50
House special dessert € 4,00
Chocolate cake € 5,00
Carob custard cream € 4,00
Sweet burger € 5,00
Daily special dessert € 3,50


Mineral water 25cl € 1,50
Mineral water 50cl € 2,00
Expresso coffee € 1,00
Decaffeinated € 1,00
Coffee with milk € 1,50
American coffee € 1,25
Hot or cold chocolate € 1,50
Tea and infusion € 1,50
Soft Drinks, Juices and Milkshakes
Soft drinks 33cl € 2,00
Fresh fruit juices (1 fruit) 40cl € 3,00 
Fresh fruit juice (2 fruits) 40cl € 3,50 
Milkshakes 40cl € 3,50 
Artisanal Super Bock 1927 Beer € 3,00
Draft beer € 2,00 
Draft Stout beer € 2,00 
Non-alcoholic beer € 2,00 
Cider 33cl € 2,50 
Cocktails  € 6,00
Non-alcoholic Cocktails € 3,50
White, red or rosé wine sangria 1Lt € 12,00 
Special Sangria 1Lt € 15,00 
Glass of white, red or rosé wine sangria 40cl  € 5,00 
Dry White € 14,00 
White, red or rosé wine from the Hotel's selection € 12,00 
Wine glass from our selection € 3,50 
Whisky novo | Gin | Rum | Vodka | Tequilla | Cachaça € 6,00

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