Travel rating: 8.7 Excellent   Travel rating: 8.7 Excellent
Best Hotel - Portugal (No. 22)   Best Luxury Hotel - Portugal (No. 14)

Real-Marina-Hotel-Olhao-TripAdvisor-Certificate-Excellence-2019 Real-Marina-Hotel-Olhao-TripAdvisor-Certificate-Excellence-2017

Real-Marina-Hotel-Spa-Olhao-Booking-2020 Real-Marina-Hotel-Spa-Olhao-Booking-2018  Real-Marina-Hotel-Spa-Olhao-Booking-2017

Real-Marina-Hotel-Expedia-2020 Real-Marina-Hotel-Expedia-2019  Real-Marina-Hotel-Expedia-2018



Real Marina Hotel & Spa was awarded with the Expedia ® Insiders' Select ™ 2013 prize which is given to the highest rated establishments in Expedia!


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