Selection of bread and butter € 2.50
Tinned sardines, sardine "pâté", lupin beans, Algarvian carrots, marinated olives and fresh cheese with honey € 4.50


Tomato soup with poached quail egg € 5.00
Traditional fish soup € 5.00
Creamed seafood with garlic toast and coriander € 5.00


Real Caesar salad
Romaine lettuce, chicken, crispy bacon, croutons and creamy Caesar sauce
€ 9.00
Little chicken pies
With tomato jam and mixed lettuces
€ 9.00
Solid gazpacho with mussels escabeche
Green salad and tomato on grilled bread
€ 10.00
Sautéed prawns
With garlic, fresh chilli pepper and chopped parsley
€ 13.00
Clams au naturel or "Bulhão Pato" sautéed in olive oil, garlic and coriander, or the Chef's mode with red chilli pepper, garlic, coriander and Napolitana € 16.00
Razor clams au naturel or "Bulhão Pato" sautéed in olive oil, garlic and coriander, or the Chef's mode with red chilli pepper, garlic, coriander and Napolitana € 16.00

Pasta Risottos

Tagliatelle Carbonara
Gratin with mozzarella
€ 8.00
Mushroom risotto and grilled vegetables (Veg.) € 9.50
Green asparagus and seared scallop risotto € 15.00
Roast Portobello mushroom and crunchy duck risotto € 15.00

Fish and Seafood

Roast octopus tentacles with garlic and coriander
Served with crushed sweet potato and green asparagus
€ 17.00
Grilled salmon steak
Served with roast vegetables couscous and green salad
€ 17.00
Seared fillet of croaker
Flavoured with Algarvian fish broth and sweet potato chips
€ 18.00
Salted cod loin with a cornbread crust
On a bed of turnip tops sautéed with garlic
€ 18.00
Grilled fish of the day
Served with mixed salad and roast potatoes in olive oil
€ 19.00


Chicken with Piri-piri
Served with french fries and tomato, onions and oregano salad
€ 13.00
Portobello mushrooms stuffed with duck confit
Spicy duck breast and sautéed green asparagus tips with Moscatel
€ 18.00
Grilled wild boar tenderloin with chestnut and baby onions served with moist coriander rice and grilled courgette € 18.00
Grilled veal flank
Served with potato rosti, seasonal vegetables and barbecue sauce
€ 19.00
Seared veal loin with goat cheese gratin
On a bed of sautéed vegetables, sweet potato puree and Madeira sauce
€ 21.00


Fruit salad € 4.50
Carob crème brûlée with tangerine ice cream € 5.00
Chocolate delight with wild berry flavours and sea salt € 5.00
Regional citrus pudding € 5.00
Duo of cheese with Port wine and honeycomb € 5.00
Vanilla pastries € 5.00
Trilogy of desserts
Carob crème brûlée, warm almond cake, orange ice cream with caramelised walnuts
€ 5.50
Selection of cheeses served with a glass of Port wine € 10.00

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Real Restaurant

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